Family Newsletter
May 29th:
Typing with:

May 24th:

May 22nd:

May 17th:

May 8th-10th:
Choose your favorite website to go onto.
Try this site:

May 3rd:
Our ABC book needs:
U - umbrella, USA, up, unicorn
Y - yo-yo, yawn, yak, yard yarn

May 1st:
Dr. Suess

April 24th:

April 19th:
Choose any letter of the alphabet that you want to draw
We need
Save it

April 17th:
Letters for our book
  • A - apple, alligator, alphabet - Christian, Ricky
  • B - baby, bible, balloon, bear - Cora, Landon
  • C - car, camera, cat, cold - Christian, Cora
  • D - dog, dream, dirty, dinosaur - Daisy, Trystin
  • E - elephant, eagle, Easter, end - Emily, Liberty
  • F - fun, friend, family, father - Faith, Noah
  • G - God, good, gum, garbage - Levi, Johnny
  • H - heart, hippo, hair, hornet - Daisy, Morgan
  • I - igloo, ice cream, ice, inside - Emily, Faith
  • J - jump rope, jaguar, June, junk - Johnny, Levi
  • K - karate, kick, kite, kangaroo - Faith, Trystin
  • L - life, lion, love, LOL - Lynn, Liberty, Lani
  • M - Mom, money, movie, moose, mouse - Morgan, Chi
  • N - nail, noon, nice, note, noise - Nichole, Noah
  • O - ostrich, open, ox, ocean - Grace, Daisy
  • P - pray, popcorn, puppy, pear - Landon, Nichole
  • Q - quale, question, quiet, quilt, queen - Johnny, Lani
  • R - rose, rowboat, rhino, rainbow - Ricky, Landon
  • S - snake, sleep, scared, sun - Levi, Ricky
  • T - tiger, trike, tooth, tent, train - Trystin, Noah
  • U - umbrella, USA, up, unicorn - Lynn, Cora
  • V - violin, valentine, vibrant, vase, violet, veggies - Liberty
  • W - water, wet, whale, whimper, what - Lani, Chi
  • X - x-ray, xylophone, x-box, Xena - Morgan, christian
  • Y - yo-yo, yawn, yak, yard yarn - Chi, Grace
  • Z - zebra, zoom, zoo, zero - Nichole, Emily

April 10th-12th:
Alphabet book using Paint
Create a picture of something that starts with the first letter of your name
  • Save as the letter and your name if I was Nichole I would save it NNichole, If I was Christian I would save it CChristian
  • Save it in the first grade folder

April 3rd:
Choice Day:
Vector Park
Snow Line

Mar 29th:
Microsoft Word 2010
  • Open saved word document from Tues and continue working

March 27th:
Microsoft Word 2010
  • Open Word
  • Type your first name - press enter
  • Write a sentence about your self
  • Change the font size, style, and color
  • Save - press ctrl S -
  • Click on Computer - Shared - Grade 1

Mar 20th:

Keyboarding Practice


How to log in:
  • Nickname is: your first name
  • Password is: 123456
  • Class ID is: g691

Mar 13th-15th:
  • How to log in:
    • Nickname is: your first name
    • Password is: 123456
    • Class ID is: g691

1. Click Login
2. Click Login with student class ID and put in your information:
kerpoofloginid.JPG kerpooflogininfo.JPG

Nickname: first name
Password: 123456
Class ID: G691

Click Login


3. Check the box and click continue

Mar 8th:

Mar 1st:
  • Kerpoof - Spell a Picture and Make a Card

Feb 28th:
  • Intro to kerpoof - Make a Picture and Make a Drawing

Feb 14th:

Feb 9th:
  • Paint - How to open a saved project - finish picture
  • Practice for World Math Day

Feb 7th:
  • Paint - Draw a picture of a story you would like to tell and write a sentence about it

Feb 2nd:
Jan 31st:
  • Word
    • Type name change font - style, size, and color

Jan 26th:
Vector Park

Jan 24th:
Intro to Vector Park

Jan 19th:


Jan 17th:

Jan 12th:
  • Finish video
  • abcya_hdr_banner_2010.png

Jan 10th:
  • Video

Jan 4th:

Jan 2nd:

Dec 15th:
Dec. 13th:
  • Video

Dec. 8th:
  • More Christmas Pics in Paint

November 29th:
  • Christmas pictures using paint

November 8th- November 17th:

November 1st and 3rd:
  • Log in
  • Navigate to homepage

October 25th - 27th:
  • Log in using own user name
  • TuxPaint

October 18th:
October 11th:

September 29th - October 6th:


September 27th:

September 22nd:
  • Log on as jstudent
  • open word
  • type alphabet
  • save

September 20th:
  • Log on with jstudent
  • Open paint - draw a pic
  • Save

September 15th:
Intro to Paint

September 13th:
  • How to open internet explorer
  • Navigate to mouse games

September 8th:
  • Mouse.JPG

September 6th:
  • Nickname is: your first name
  • Password is: 123456
  • Class ID is: g691