Project Page
May 24th:
May 17th:
Check out these sites:




May 3rd -10th:
Story Starter
Second Graders First Story Bird! by apemak38 on Storybird

Money Game
Game Goo
Dino Drop

April 19th:
Intro to Publisher- Make an Easter Card - print out and fold

April 7th-12th:
Math Practice:
Science Practice:

Language Arts:

Social Studies:

April 5th:
MS Word
  • Open the file saved from Thursday
  • Prese Enter to get to the next line
  • Copy the sentences from the board
  • Save it again
  • If you finish go to Dancemat Typing or Keyboard Climber

March 31st:
Microsoft Word 2010
  • Open Word
  • Type your name
  • Change the font size, style, and color
  • Save

March 28th:
Level 3 Stage 7

March 24th:
Level 3 Stage 7

March 22nd:
Hyper Spider Typer

March 14th:
Level 2 Stage 4

March 8th-10th:
Level 2 Stage 6 Tues.
Level 1 Stage 1 Thurs. Review

March 1st:
February 24th:
Websites to explore

February 22nd:
Level 2 Stage 5

February 8th-10th:
Level 2 Stage 4

February 1st:
Level 1 Stage 2
January 25th-27th:
Dancemat typing

January 18th:
Internet Safety Discussion

January 6th-11th:
Online safety movie!
When finished go to: nsm.JPG
Explore the site!

January 4th:
Watch Voicethread
Make a snowman
Copy it by pressing ctrl(control) + prt sc (print screen) and paste into a Word.
Paste by pressing ctrl(v)
Save it as your name in your folder

December 14th:
Voicethread: What Christmas means to Me

Create a cover in Kerpoof for voicethread

December 9th:
Log in to Kerpoof:

December 7th:
Kerpoof How to log in
Login: firstname
password: 123456
class id: D033

November 18th:
Alphabet Book - Make sure you have all letters through K
If you do make sure they have at least three colors used in them.

November 16th:
Alphabet Book - I J K

November 9th:
Alphabet book
Letters F G H

November 4th
Alphabet book -
Letter C D E

November 2nd:

Alphabet book - discus what things start with the letters A and B

Paint - create something that starts with the letter A - save it as your name A in your own folder on the shared drive.

creat something that starts with the letter B - save it as your name B in your own folder on the shared drive

If you finish early chose a link on the right to play
When finished:


Keyboard Climber