Project Page
May 24th:
To DO:
  • wallwisher!!!
  • sign Dr. Benson's yearbook

May 19th:
Finish directions from Tuesday if not done
If/When finished:

May 17th:
  • First - Make a new Storybird
  • Second - Record what your story is about using audacity (don't forget to click export when you ar done)
  • Third - Post your recording in your blog
  • Fourth - Help a neighbor if they need it
  • Fifth - Websites to explore

May 12th - 17th:
Audacity - What could we do? Read a story? Make a news program?
-click export to save
-storybird when you done

May 10th:
Our Class Storybird:
Deep Thoughts from Third Grade by apemak38 on Storybird
Introduction to Audacity- Recording our voices

May 5th:
StoryBird - Class Story

May 3rd:
StoryBird - Use Scholastic Story Starter to find a beginning to your story.

April 26th-28th:
Create your own StoryBird
Third Graders First Story Bird! by apemak38 on Storybird

April 19th:
Create an Easter Card in Publisher

April 14th:
Finish your Bible Book on CD
Intro to Excel
Copy the chart from the project that we made as a class

April 12th: Thank You for the poster!!!!! You all make me feel blessed!!!!
Put finishing touches on Bible Book in PowerPoint
Use Spell Check
Save it two different ways to a CD
How to take care of a CD

April 7th:
Continue Making your bible book in PowerPoint, Lets explore some other attributes PowerPoint has

April 5th:
Intro to PowerPoint - Make your Bible Book on your own

March 31st:
Y- Yahweh, youth, young, youth group,
Z- Zacchaeus, Zealous, Zechariah, Ziph, Zebras, Zephianiah

March 29th
V - Venom, vine, Virgin Mary, Victory
W - Whale, Water, Watching
X - Excellent, Exodus

March 22nd:
Alphabet Book:
S - Saul, Sabbath, Samuel, Solomon, Savior, Saved
T - Tomb, Testament, Thessalonians, Titus, Timothy,
U - Uzzah, Unity
Hyper Spider Typer
Meteor Blast

March 19th:
Alphabet Book:
P - Pharasies, Pharoh, Peter, Phillipians, Paul
Q - Quiet, Quills, Queen, Quale,
R - Revelation, Ruth, Romans, River of Jericho,
Hyper Spider Typer

March 17th: Happy St. Patrick's Day
Alphabet Book through letter O

March 15th:
Paint - Alphabet Book: L, M, N
Keyboard Climber

March 8th and 10th:
Level 3 Stage 9 - Tues.
Level 4 Stage 10-Thurs.

March 1st:
World Math Day:

February 22nd-24th :
First: Log in to your blog and tell me about your break
Level 3 Stage 7 on Tues and 8 on Thurs
When you are finished
When you are finished:
  • Doodle 4 Google
  • World Math Day
  • Bible Books? What letter are we on? L? - Last Supper, Lent, Lucifer
  • Kerpoof

February 10th:
Level 2 Stage 6
When you are finished:
  • Doodle 4 Google
  • World Math Day
  • Bible Books? What letter are we on? L? - Last Supper, Lent, Lucifer

February 8th:
Level 2 stage 5
When your are finished

February 3rd:
Level 2 Stage 4 and 5
When you are finished:

February 1st:
Dancmat typing
Level 1 Stage 3
Level 2 Stage 1
When you are finished go to websites to explore

January 25th-27th:
Dancemat Typing

January 20th:
More Internet safety and Blogging!

January 13th-18th:
Internet Safety Movie

January 11th:
Blog- How to put a Voki into your blog
  1. Open your blog and title it My Voki
  2. Go to on a separate tab
  3. Make your voki and click finish
  4. copy your code from the bottom option (select all of the code and press ctrl+c)
  5. go back to your blog and click on html
  6. paste your code in their and click publish (put the curser where the code should go and press ctrl+v)

January 6th:
We are going to learn how to use a blog.
Click on your name
Password is:#####
Type a story in your blog and publish it.
Make a picture using paint or kerpoof and save it to the third grader folder the you will want to post in your blog next week.
(save it with you name in it so we know its yours)

Happy New Year!
January 4th:
Make a Voki Like Mine

Click here to comment on this Voki.
Get a Voki now!

December 14:
XMAS Cards
Lora and Caleb - make Christmas Pics
Class - Make a Cover for the Christmas Pics in Kerpoof
Voicethread-What Christmas Means to me

December 9th:
Xmas Cards
Finish tongue twister drawing in kerpoof
If finished log into kerpoof
Create a cover for the tongue twisters voicethread

December 7th:
Review Xmas Cards - How to address an envelope
Visit Tongue Twisters sites & choose a tongue twister to illustrate or make up your own Christmas Tongue Twister. After you have your tongue twister selected, draw a picture to illustrate it in Kerpoof.
Save your Kerpoof image as a jpeg.

December 2nd:
XMAS Cards

November 22nd:
Kerpoof - Log in - Draw a Turkey Glyph using Make a Drawing

November 18th:
Bible Book - Catch up to K
Play around with MS Publisher

November 16th:
Bible Book - Letters I J K

November 9th:
Bible Book - Letters F G H

November 4th:
Bible Book - Letters C D E

November 2nd:
Bible Book - Letters A and B