May 29th:

May 22nd - 24th:
Lemur - Emma
Albatross - Luke
Chameleon - Ann
Manta Ray - Cameron
Anenome - Clara
Peregrin Falcon - Bronwyn
Emu - Phoebe
Jackal - Joe
Japanese Spider Crab - Lance
Great Crested Grebes
Pronhorn - Matte
Lammergeiers - Jack
Andean Condor - Matthew
Yak - Alex
Great Skua - Alayna
Petrel - Dan
Cuckoo Wrasse - Andrew

May 15th-16th:

May 8th-May 10th:

May 3rd:
  • Finish up all the letters you have missed in your bible book
  • Put all your pictures into your PowerPoint
  • Change design and transitions in PowerPoint

May 1:
X -eXodus, King Xerxes,
PowerPoint - Putting the book together

Apr. 24th:
PowerPoint - start putting your bible book together

Apr. 19th:
Q - queen, quale, quilt, quiet
R - royal, rapture, Romans, Real, Revelations, Rome, Ruth
S - Savior, Snake, Satan, Solomon, Samuel, Saul, Son of God
If you need to catch up on letters and need ideas try this site:

Apr. 17th:
Bible Book - Use Paint or Kerpoof
Catch up day, only 2 letters
O - Obadiah, obey, Obal, offering, olive
P - pain, palace, passage, Paul, peace, pharaoh
When you are finished check to make sure you have all the letters A-Q, if you don't you have to redraw them. They may be saved in the wrong place to so try to find them.
Math Games:
Language arts games:
  • TeacherVision- try any of the games that are under Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

Apr. 12th:
Bible Book - Use Paint or Kerpoof
L - Lion, Luke, Leprosy, Lame, Lamb, Love, Lake
M - Moses, Matthew, Mary, Mark, other Mary,
N - Noah, Nile, Numbers, Nehemiah
Save appropriately

Apr 10th:
Bible Book - Use Paint or Kerpoof
I - Isaiah, Isaac, Israel, Iman, Illness, Island
J - Jeremiah, Jerusalem, James, Jacob, Jesus, Jonah, Joseph, Job, John
K - King Solomon, King David, Kings, King Jesus, King Herod
Save appropriately

Apr. 3rd:
Bible Book - Use Paint or Kerpoof
Letters F, G, H
Save in Shared/grade 3/ajoe (letter your name)

Mar 29th:
Bible Book - Use Paint or Kerpoof
Letters C, D, and E
Save in Shared/grade 3/ajoe (letter your name)

Mar 27th:
Bible Book - Use Paint or Kerpoof
Letters A and B
Save in Shared/grade 3/ajoe (letter your name)

Mar 17th:
Keyboard Climber
Arcademic Skillbuilders

Mar 13th-15th:
  • Kerpoof - continue making Movie
  • kerpoof.JPG

Mar 8th:

Mar 6th:

Mar 1st:
  • Movie Lesson on Kerpoof

Feb 28th:

Feb 16th:
  • Free time on approved cites

Feb 14th:

Feb 9th:

Feb 7th:

Feb 2nd:
  • Word
  • Finish Story from Tuesday
  • Create a picture in Paint to put into story
  • Practice for World Math Day

Jan 31st:
  • Word
  • Write a story, get ideas from Story Starter
  • Save as (your name) story

Jan 26th:
  • Open your word document from Tuesday
  • Make sure the sentences are finished
  • Run spell check
  • Put in Word Art for a Title
  • Change the font styleof your name
  • Change the font style of your paragraph to Times New Roman
  • Change the size of the font to 14
  • Put in 1 piece of clipart of your choice
  • Save again

Jan 24th:
  • MS Word
    • How do you make an uppercase letter?
    • How many are there after a word?
    • How many spaces after a punctuation mark?
    • How do you get to the next line if you need a new line?
  • Directions:
    • Copy this:
      • During the winter I like to_, but I don't like to_. This school year I have learned how to. I want to learn how to_. When I get home from school I like to.
    • Press enter twice and type your name
    • Save, computer, shared, grade 3, "your name3"
  • When you finish go onto websites we have gone onto before

Jan 19th:__

Jan 17th: Steps:
  1. Open your blog and title it My Voki
  2. Go to on a separate tab
  3. Make your voki and click finish
  4. copy your code from the bottom option (select all of the code and press ctrl+c)
  5. go back to your blog and click on html
  6. paste your code in their and click publish (put the curser where the code should go and press ctrl+v)

Jan 12th:
  • Tux Typing 40, 41, 42, 43 (9, 0, -, =) - Done With Typing!!!!!!!!
    • choose a movie to watch
    • do Try and Apply

Jan 10th:

Jan 5th:

Jan. 3:

Dec 15th:

Dec. 13th:
  • Video
  • Tux Typing - Lesson 27, 28, 29 (n, m, ,)
  • Blog - What do you like to do over Christmas Break?

Dec. 8th
  • Video
  • Tux Typing - Lesson 24, 25, 26 ( c, v, b)
  • Blog
  • Kerpoof

Dec. 6th
  • Audacity
    • Daniel and Lance Record
  • Create a picture that would go along with the part of the poem you had - use, paint or kerpoof -
    • you will have to save it as a jpeg

Dec. 1st:
  • Tux typing - Lesson 23 - x - use your ring finger
  • Audacity partners - practice recording on 1 computer with partner

November 29th:
  • Tux Typing - Lesson 22 -Z- when finished go to keyboarding games
  • The Christmas Story
  • Intro to Audacity

November 22nd:
  • Finish Kerpoof Story

November 17th:
  • Tux Typing - Lessons 19, 20, and 21 (i, o, p)
  • Finish Word - What I am thankful for
  • Kerpoof - Create a Story about what you do for Thanksgiving

November 15th:
  • Tux Typing - Lessons 16, 17, and 18 (t, y, u)
  • Word - What I am thankful for.

November 10th:
  • Tux Typing - Lessons 13, 14, and 15 (w, e, r)
  • When finished - Other Links, Webkinz, Poptropica, another website?

November 8th:
  • Tux Typing - Lessons 10, 11, and 12 (semi colon, apostrophe, q)
  • Kerpooflogin is first name
    • pasword is 123456
    • Class id is D033
  • Blog - How do you like to use the computer?
  • Tux Paint

November 3rd:
  • Tux Typing - Lessons 7, 8, and 9 (j, k, and l keys)
  • Kerpooflogin is first name
    • pasword is 123456
    • Class id is D033
  • Blog
  • Tux Paint

November 1st:
  • Computer stuff without computers
  • Tux Typing - Lesson 5 and 6 (g and h keys)
  • Keyboard Games
  • Kerpoof or Tux Paint

October 27th:

October 25th:

October 18th:
  • Keyboarding
  • Homerow Keys

October 11th:

October 6th:

October 4th:
  • Take the first few minutes and blog about how you use computers
  • Then Keyboard Climberfor a short time - we will do a timing on Thursday
  • Kerpooflogin is first name
    • pasword is 123456
    • Class id is D033

September 29th:
  • Finish and Print acrostic poem in word
  • Blog
  • Kerpooflogin is first name
  • pasword is 123456
  • Class id is D033

September 27th:
  • Create an acrostic poem in word
  • Change the font attributes
  • When finished save to p drive and print
  • Kerpoof

September 22nd:
  • Create a self protrait in paint - change to jpeg
  • post it in your blog
  • When finished - continue blogging or Kerpoof
    • Kerpooflogin is first name
    • pasword is 123456
    • Class id is D033

September 20th:
  • Intro to blogging: Class Blog
  • What do we use blogging for?
  • What are the rules of blogging?
  • After you post draw a self portrait in paint and save it to your p drive

September 15th:
  • Review Key Icons, task bar, minimize and maximize screens, extra tabs and closing extra tabs
  • Paint - draw a picture and write a story about the picture

September 13:
  • Review desktop and icons
  • when to single and double click
  • Paint Review
    • How to save

September 8th:

September 6th:
Class Blog
Password - 2021
login is first name
pasword is 123456
Class id is D033