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Monster Project
May 24th:To DO:* wallwisher!!!
  • sign Dr. Benson's yearbook

May 19th:
  • First - Make a new Storybird
  • Second - Record what your story is about using audacity (don't forget to click export when you ar done)
  • Third - Post your recording in your blog
  • Fourth - Help a neighbor if they need it
  • Fifth - Websites to explore

May 10th -17th: - Check out the the Monster Project Page! Some files were not saved in the right spot.
Intro to audacity

May 5th:
Blog: What are your plans for the summer? If you don't know make up something or things you would like to do. 5 sentences!
Which one do you like better?

May 3rd:__**
Finish drawing monsters
Add to this wiki
Log into your blog and write about the monster project:
  • What it is
  • What you thought about it
  • Was it hard?
  • Was it easy?
  • What made it hard or easy?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • What could your partner have done differently?
  • Use complete sentences - add more if you feel like it.

April 26th:
Monster Project
  • Begin drawing monsters

April 19th:
Monster Project
  • Finish Paragraph
  • Finish Drawing descriptions of two monsters
Publisher - create an Easter Card in Publisher

April 14th:
Monster Project
  • Finish typing your paragraph
  • Draw 2 monsters from the descriptions

April 12th:
Monster project
  • Finish graphic organizer
  • Fill out Monster Prompts sheet
  • Begin typing your description paragraph

April 7th:
Monster project

April 5th:
Watch PowerPoints
Intro to Monster Project

March 29th - 31st:
Katie, Amber, Josh - Different seats to be able to listen on headsets
Continue working on your story.
  • 5 or more slides
  • Narration
  • Animations
  • Slide Transitions
If you finish:
Test out some of your programming skills with these links: - has sound

March 22nd - 24th:
Blog: Use Scholastic Story Starter to write a short story
PowerPoint: Use the Story Starter again to create a story in PowerPoint (you can use the same story from your blog) - create at least 5 slides, narrate your story

March 17th:
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Japan Before and After

March 15th:
March 8th-10th:

February 24th:
Assignment: Another MS Word assignment - save as your name wor
When you are finished you can

February 22nd:
Blog about what you did over break
MS Word - Lists

February 8th-10th:
Internet Safety with Garfield
World Math Day

February 1st and 3rd:
Let's play with snowflakes:
Practice for World Math Day

January 25th and 27th:
Credibility of websites
All about me - Use MS Word to report your finidings
Use a google search to find
    • the meaning of your name
    • how old your are in seconds
    • an important event that happend during the week of your birth
Make a self portrait in Kerpoof when finished
January 18th:
Safety Discussion
Searching with Google

January 6th-11th:
Countries from gingerbread exchange....a few more
Go to: nsm.JPG and explore

January 4th:
Watch Tongue Twister voicethread
Create a Voki - Like the one here and post it in your blog

Click here to comment on this Voki.
Get a Voki now!

December 14th
Amber, Luke and Will Finish Tongue Twister
Voicethread - Tongue Twister - and the meaning of Christmas
All - Draw a cover for voicethread

December 7th and 9th:
Gingerbread People:
Visit Tongue Twisters sites & choose a tongue twister to illustrate or make up your own Christmas Tongue Twister. After you have your tongue twister selected, draw a picture to illustrate it in Kerpoof.
Save your Kerpoof image as a jpeg.

November 23rd:
Finish Gingerbreads -
Kerpoof - Make a Drawing- Turkey Glyph

November 18th:
Gingerbread Exchange
      • Finish printing off letters and filling out envelopes
      • Publisher - secret xmas card to someone else in school

November 16th:
Gingerbread Exchange
      • Finish paragraph in MS Word and print
      • address envelopes to states assigned

November 9th:
Gingerbread Exchange
      • Finish Gingerbread Person
      • List the 5 items in MS Word that si on Gingerbread
      • Make it into a paragraph and print
      • Assign states to students

November 4th:
Gingerbread Exchange
Research MN things to include with Gingerbread person
Begin writing letter

November 2nd:
Gingerbread Exchange Project
Exchange Gingerbread People from other states
      • Make/Decorate a Gingerbread Person using MS Paint
      • Include 5 things about MN
      • Write a letter from our class that includes - state, grade, school, and objects on the gingerbread person