May 29th:
  • One last blog: What did you like and dislike about this school year? What are you looking forward to next year? What are your plans for the summer?
  • Ribbon Hero or Google Earth

May 24th:

May 22nd:
  • Log into Edmodo
  • Download the directions for the Google Earth assignment

May 17th:
Finish your Storybird
Add a link to your story in edmodo
Add a link to your favorite website on edmodo

May 15th:
Story Starter
The Dog Who Thought he was a Chicken on Storybird
If you finish see if you can link your story to edmodo

May 10th:
  • Let's look at some monsters

May 8th:
  • Let's draw some monsters
    • draw the monster handed out to you
    • save it as your name and the name of the monster in the shared/4th grade folder
  • Wordle
  • Tagzedo

May 3rd:
  • Blog: What are your plans for the summer? If you don't know make up something or things you would like to do. 5 sentences!
  • Wordle
Wordle: Computer

  • Which one do you like better?

May 1:
  • Finish Monsters and Description
  • Log into your blog and write about the monster project:
    • What it is
    • What you thought about it
    • Was it hard?
    • Was it easy?
    • What made it hard or easy?
    • Use complete sentences - add more if you feel like it.
  • Ribbon Hero - you must use the hints if you don't know how to do something

April 24th -26th:
  • Finish Monsters!!
  • Finish Description!! ASAP
  • If you are finished try Ribbon Hero

April 17th:
  • Wumpaloons
  • Finish your monster - it should be save as yourname monster in the shared folder
  • Finish filling out the template for describing your monster
  • Begin writing a description of your monster - the more you have the easier it will be for someone to draw

April 12th:
  • Finish your monster
  • Use the template to describe your monster

April 10th:
  • Finish your Wumpaloon
  • Start Drawing Monster
    • Needs to be saved in the shared drive

April 3rd:
  1. Finish your PowerPoint Story if you are not done, we will view them in class on Thursday
  2. Paint - Draw a Wumpaloon from the description
    1. If you don't know something just guess
    2. Save as your name Wumpaloon in Shared/Grade 4/Wumploon folder
    4. When you are finished try these games

Mar 27th-29th:

Mar 20th:
  • Keyboard Climber
  • Finish the Symbols assignment
  • When you are finished:
    • Go on to Keyboardinggames
    • check out the links to the right
    • go on to blog or edmodo

Mar 15th:
  • Make sure your home page is set to this page on both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Finish Assignment 1 from Tuesday
  • When you Finish work on Symbols Assignment:

Mar 13th:
  • Computer Circus
  • Log onto computer 1 group clockwise from assigned seat
  • Set your hompage to this wikispace on both Internet Explorer and FireFox
  • Find you "Top Ten List" and print it, hand it in, log off and turn off monitor
  • When you and the person in your assigned seat has turned it in go back to your assigned seat and log in
  • Make sure that the home page is set to this wikispace on i.e. and FireFox
  • When you are finished log off, turn off monitor
  • When all are finished:
    • Log in to computer 1 group counterclockwise from assigned seat
    • Set the wikispace as your homepage on both I.E. and Firefox
    • Download this and work on this assignment:
    • Follow the directions exactly - save to your flash drive - and save often!!!!!
  • If/When you finish go to the Other Links page

Mar 8th:

Mar 6th:

Mar 1st:

Feb 28th:
  1. Go onto edmodo and take the pole
  2. Blog about what you did over break. It must be four complete sentences.
  3. Make a Chart in word - I will show you how
  4. If you finish practice for World Math Day

Feb 14th:

Feb 9th:
  • Word lists: Do each step in order
  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Title this document "Top Ten List". Use the default font and change the size to 16. The title should be centered.
  3. Enter twice to leave space between the title and text of your document.
  4. Create a numbered list by clicking the Numbering button in the paragraph group on the home tab.
  5. Use the drop down menu for the list of fonts. Select any one of the fonts to try. Now type the name of the font you just chose to see it written in that particular font. Press Enter to drop to the next numbered line.
  6. Repeat step #5 until you have10 fonts listed.
  7. Go back to any of the fonts in your list that you do NOT particularly like or find useful (we must be able to read them). Highlight that font name by clicking and dragging your mouse over it. Highlighting allows you to make changes to that area. Now select a different font from the drop down menu in the font area. Find one you like. Notice how you can immediately see what the new font looks like as you click it when you have highlighted. Remember to change the name of the font. Do so by leaving the font name highlighted and just begin typing the new name. NO NEED TO BACKSPACE OR DELETE. When an area is highlighted, all you need to do is type. It will remove the old and replace it with the new text youtype. Notice that it removes ALL of the highlighted area when you begin typing.
  8. Complete your list so that you have examples of 10 fonts you like.
  9. Enter twice to allow space below the text of your document. Notice that the numbering is removed after your second Enter.
  10. Type your name in your favorite font. Center your name on the page.

Feb 2nd:
  • Word
  • Finish Story from Tuesday
  • Create a picture in Paint to put into story
  • Practice for World Math Day

Jan 31st
  • Word
  • Write a story, get ideas from Story Starter
  • Must have a beginning, middle, and end
  • Save as (your name) story
  • Draw a picture of the climax of your story (use paint) and insert it into your story

Jan 26th:
  • Open your document from Tuesday
  • Make sure the sentences are finished
  • Run spell check
  • Put in Word Art for a Title
  • Change the font styleof your name
  • Change the font style of your paragraph to Times New Roman
  • Change the size of the font to 14
  • Put in 1 piece of clipart of your choice
  • Save again

Jan 24th:
  • Review MS Word
  • How the fourth grade is different from third grade
  • Must haves:
    • Title
    • indent
    • 5 complete sentences
    • Your name
    • save in the shared 4th grade folder as (your name4)

Jan 19th:

Jan 17th:
  • Tux Typing 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 (8, 9, 0, -, =) Then we are done with tux typing

When you finish - put a Voki into your blog by following these directions
  1. Open your blog and title it My Voki
  2. Go to on a separate tab
  3. Make your voki and click finish
  4. copy your code from the bottom option (select all of the code and press ctrl+c)
  5. go back to your blog and click on html
  6. paste your code in their and click publish (put the curser where the code should go and press ctrl+v)

Jan 12th:

Jan 10th:

Jan 5th:

Jan 3rd:

Dec. 15th:

Dec 13th:
  • Continue making movies

Dec. 6th - 8th:
  • Draw a pic using paint that goes along with your part of the poem
  • Intro to Movie Maker
    • Make your movie with your partners by putting in your pictures and recording

Dec. 1st:
  • Tux typing - Lesson 27 - n = right pointer
  • Audacity partners - practice recording on 1 computer with partner

November 29th:
  • Tux typing 25 and 26 (v=left pointer, b=left pointer, )
  • Christmas Story
  • Review Audacity - practice using it
  • XMas Cards

November 22nd:
  • MS Word - Thankful

November 17th:
  • Tux Typing Lessons 22, 23, 24 (z=left pinky, x=left ring, c=left middle)
  • Edmodo - review how to log on
    • Guidelines and Assignment
    • How should we use this tool?

November 15th:
  • Tux Typing Lesson 20, 21(o=right ring, p=right pinky)
  • Digital Citizen Lesson
  • Edmodo Guidelines and Assignment

November 3rd:
  • Tux Typing Lesson 16-19 (t = left index, y=right index, u=right index, i=right middle)
  • Typing Games until we are all caught up
  • Intro to Edmodo-
    • click on I'm a studentedmodo.JPG
    • group code: 5c46p6
    • username: use your first name - (if that doesn't work add LCA to the end of your name)
    • password: create your own - REMEMBER IT
    • First Name: Put your first name
    • Last Name: Put your first initial of your last name
    • Click sign up
    • Answer the survey questions (only 2)
    • Read the directions for your assignment and click turn in.

November 1st:
  • Tux Typing Lesson 9-11
  • Kerpoof or Tux Paint

October 27th:
  • Tux Typing Lessons 5-8
  • Work on PowerPoint
  • Tux Paint

October 25th :
  • Tux Typing Lessons 1-4
  • Tux Paint

October 18th:
Let's get our PowerPoint going!!!

October 11th:

October 6th:
  • PowerPoint Review
  • Work on your Research Topic

September 22nd - October 4th:
  • Use the search engines to find out information to what you want to find out about your topic
  • Copy and paste the information next to your question in word
  • Begin Making a powerpoint of your topic
  • Kerpoof
    • User name first inital last name
    • password: 123456
    • Class id: k695

September 20th:

September 15th:
  • PowerPoint
    • Make first page your Title Page
    • Second Slide your Table of Contents Page
    • Third Slide about blogging
  • To copy a page press control (ctrl) print screen (prt scn)
  • When you finish make sure it is saved in the shared folder!
  • Continue Blogging

September 13th:
Review PowerPoint

September 8th:

September 6th:

Class Blog

States & Capitals