Keyboard Climber

May 21st:
  • Missing monster descriptions from Clara, Emma, and Jude - make sure they are saving in your folder in fourth grade.
  • Draw the Monster you are given - choose a different monster when you are done
    • Save it as the Monster's name in your folder

May 16th:
  • Finish Monsters
  • Finish Symbols
  • Keyboarding - Lesson 8
  • Sign up for edmodo
    • Click I am a student
    • edmodo sign in.JPG
  • group code: gbmkcm
  • username: use your first name LCA - If my name is Matthew my user name is Matthewlca
  • password: lca2021
  • First Name: Put your first name
  • Last Name: Put your first initial of your last name
  • Click sign up
  • Post what you like to do on the computer. Respond to someone else's post.

May 14th:

May 7th-9th:
  • Start drawing your monster - it should be save as yourname monster in the shared folder
  • fill out the template for describing your monster after you have finished
  • Begin writing a description of your monster - the more you have the easier it will be for someone to draw
If you finish go onto - Keyboarding - Lesson 8 - It is only 3 lessons long

May 2nd
Keyboarding - Lesson 7
Start Drawing your monster

April 30th:
If you finish go onto - Keyboarding - Lesson 7 -

April 23rd:
Paint - Draw a Wumpaloon from the description

  1. If you don't know something just guess
  2. Save as your name Wumpaloon in Shared/Grade 4/Wumploon folder
  4. When you are finished try these games or sumdog -

April 16th:

April 9th:
  • Work on PowerPoint
    • Transitions and Animations

April 2nd-4th:
PowerPoint: Use the Story Starter again to create a story in PowerPoint (you can use the same story from your blog) - create at least 5 slides, narrate your story

March 26th:
  • Draw a picture about Easter using Kerpoof or Paint
    • If you use Kerpoof Click on JPEG - not Save
    • save as your name Easter.jpg
      • Example: emmaeaster.jpg
  • Blog: Use Scholastic Story Starterto write a short story - 5 or more sentences
  • PowerPoint: Use the Story Starter again to create a story in PowerPoint (you can use the same story from your blog) -
  • create at least 5 slides

March 19:

March 14th:

March 12th:

March 5th - 7th:

Feb 28th:

Feb 26th:
  • Word lists: Do each step in order
  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Title this document "Top Ten List". Use the default font and change the size to 16. The title should be centered.
  3. Enter twice to leave space between the title and text of your document.
  4. Create a numbered list by clicking the Numbering button in the paragraph group on the home tab.
  5. Use the drop down menu for the list of fonts. Select any one of the fonts to try. Now type the name of the font you just chose to see it written in that particular font. Press Enter to drop to the next numbered line.
  6. Repeat step #5 until you have10 fonts listed.
  7. Go back to any of the fonts in your list that you do NOT particularly like or find useful (we must be able to read them). Highlight that font name by clicking and dragging your mouse over it. Highlighting allows you to make changes to that area. Now select a different font from the drop down menu in the font area. Find one you like. Notice how you can immediately see what the new font looks like as you click it when you have highlighted. Remember to change the name of the font. Do so by leaving the font name highlighted and just begin typing the new name. NO NEED TO BACKSPACE OR DELETE. When an area is highlighted, all you need to do is type. It will remove the old and replace it with the new text youtype. Notice that it removes ALL of the highlighted area when you begin typing.
  8. Complete your list so that you have examples of 10 fonts you like.
  9. Enter twice to allow space below the text of your document. Notice that the numbering is removed after your second Enter.
  10. Type your name in your favorite font. Center your name on the page
  11. Save as word your name

Feb 14th:

Feb 7th

Feb 5th:

Jan 29th - 31st:
Keyboarding-Lesson 5, it has 4 short lessons on it (make sure to raise your hand when you finish with all of them.
Sumdog -

Jan 22nd:

Jan 19th:
  • Battleship

Jan. 3rd:
  • Excel - 12 Days of Christmas
    • Resizing Cells
    • Sum Function
    • Inserting a row
    • Merge and Center
    • Inserting a picture
    Coordinate Graphing

Dec. 11th:

Dec. 4th-6th:
  • Continue setting up spreadsheet together for 12 Days of Christmas
  • Keyboarding-
    • Lesson 4 (only 2 short lessons) - make sure I see how you did
    Coupon Book in PowerPoint

Nov. 29th:
  • Continue setting up spreadsheet together for 12 Days of Christmas
  • Keyboarding-
    • Lesson 4 (only 2 short lessons)
  • Ideas to make a coupon booklet
    • write down ideas in MS Word
  • arcademicskillbuilders

Nov. 27th:
Discuss 12 Days of Christmas
Set up Excel spreadsheet
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 4 (only 2 short lessons)
Tux Typing Lesson 16

Nov. 13th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 3 - last time for now
Tux Typing Lesson 13-15
Johnny 7-10

Keyboarding Games
Nov. 8th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 3
Tux Typing Lesson 11-12
Johnny 4-6
Keyboarding Games

Nov. 6th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 3
Tux Typing Lesson 8-10
Johnny 10, 2-3
Keyboarding Games

Nov. 1st:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 3
Tux Typing Lesson 4-7
Johnny 8-10, 1

Oct. 30th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 2 - Last time for now
Tux Typing Lesson 10, 1-3
Johnny 5-10

Oct. 25th:
Keyboard Climber
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 2 - again
Tux Typing Lesson 10-12
Johnny 5-9

Oct. 23rd:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 2
Tux Typing Lesson 7-9

Oct. 18th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 2
Tux Typing Lesson 4-6

Oct. 16th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 1- last time...for now
Tux Typing Lesson 3 - No Tux Typing Today
American Math Challenge

Oct. 11th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 1- and again
Tux Typing Lesson 3
American Math Challenge

Oct. 9th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 1-again
Tux Typing Lesson 2
American Math Challenge

Oct. 4th:
Keyboarding -
  • Lesson 1
Tux Typing Lesson 1
  • Kerpoof

Oct. 2nd:
  • Blogging- Make up a 3 sentence story.
  • Kerpoof
    • login: first name
    • password: 123456
    • class id: D033

Sept 25th:

September 20th:

September 13th:
  • Blogging- What is your favorite thing to do in computers?
  • PowerPoint - create a 3-5 slide PowerPoint

September 11th:
  • Blogging- What did you do over the summer?
  • PowerPoint

September 6th:
Class Blog
Password - 2021
login is first name
password is 123456
Class id is D033